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We buy & sell used commercial gym equipment
Barbell Sales is in the business of
buying and selling all makes of gym
equipment.   We are the BEST and if
you need something we can almost
guarantee that we can have it in our
warehouse ready to ship to you within
2 weeks!  If you call our number you
won't have to press any buttons, you
will hear, "this is Matt or Tim how can I
help you!"  If we don't answer we are
unloading or loading equipment into a
26 ft. truck!
One item or an entire GYM
We are very experienced when it comes to accessing what we can pay for an entire
gym.  #1 we already have every piece in stock in our warehouse... #2 we have sold
every piece known at least once in the last 4 years.  #3 we will pay CASH and move
the items quickly and you will be ready to move on to your next adventure!  Call us
today to get our price quotes on your commercial equipment that you want to sell!
Save Thousands with us!
If we don't have it in stock we can get it within 7 days!  Thats any used commercial
item you want.  Why should you pay 10k for an 8 station multi jungle when you can
buy one from us for $3500!  You have made the first smart decision by looking for
used commercial gym equipment instead of buying it new... Now just tell us what
you want and we either have it already or we can find it for you faster than anyone.
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Buy used gym equipment!
Sell used gym equipment!
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3 Happy Customers left BarbellSales with a
load of great used gym equipment!  
Our goal is customer satisfaction.
Barbell Sales loaded up another happy
customer today!  We love it when our
equipment goes to a good home!!! This
group of Body Builders will get great use
out of our used commercial equipment!
Call 336 266 3428 to see
what BarbellSales can do
for your gym today!
Call Today! 336.524.1077 (Matt)
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Build your gym with us Today!
Your name:
What is your projected
budget for fitness equipment
Your email address:
Your phone number:
What date do you want the
equipment delivered
City & State of
Tell us what you want in your gym.  Be as specific as possible.  If you don't know what
you want then just say - "I need help deciding" and one of our consultants will contact
you asap.
Cybex Squat
Press - $1700
Body Masters plate
loaded shrug - $1250
Heavy Duty double dip
station - $650
Life Fitness Pro1
seated leg curl - $1100
Life Fitness Pro1
Leg Extension -
Precor V-Crunch
$700 like new
Hammer Strength
0-90 bench $400
Body Masters standing
preacher curl - $650
Cybex Vr3 0-90 bench
Body Masters adjustable
incline bench $400
Cybex Vr3 hyper
extension $450
Hammer Strength 90
degree utility bench - $300
Free Motion Adjustable
situp bench - $600
Free Motion hyper
extension - $500
Jacobs Ladder
- $2400
Magnum Smith Machine - $1100
Versa Climber 109-lx
9ft model w/ 7 handle
adjustments - $2900
Body Masters
olympic flat bench
with spotter stand
- $450
Body Masters
olympic incline
- $450
Icarian standing
preacher curl -
Icarian seated calf raise
plate loaded - $500
Magnum olympic bench w/
swing arm $600
Icarian adjustable situp
bench - $450
precor treadmil - $1650
star trac recumbent
bike - $1200
life fitness eliptical -
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