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Used Flex Leverage Gym Equipment Video
History and FAQs of Flex Gym Equipment
Flex Equipment Inc. of Murietta, Calif., was founded by Mark Nalley around 1981 and built its reputation on the equipment's solid
biomechanical design. It was bought in March 2003 by John Lach, an investor in Chicago, Ill., who also owned real estate
development company Paragon. At that time, SNEWS® was told that the new owner, who renamed the company Flex Fitness Inc.
(www.flexfitness.com), wanted to increase the company's marketing, broaden exposure, expand internationally, and add or update
product lines. Although the goal was always to build up the company and merge it with another or sell it, Brown said it happened
sooner than Lach had expected or intended. Brown said all of its 60 employees are expected to stay onboard
Flex Equipment thoughts by Barbell Sales
For a true body builder, not a crossfitter or somebody on this H.I.T kick.. but for a true conesour of strength training
through straight sets and super sets... FLEX is some of the greatest equipment known to mankind!  I recently read
that flex cared more about ergonomic movement than it did the flashiness of the tubing design and I personally
praise them for that!  The line of equipment called FLEX LEVERAGE is the best of the best plate loaded strength
equipment out there.  To our knowledge there are are the following plate loaded flex leverage line - pulldown,
seated chest, incline chest, decline chest, row, bicep, tricep dip (all of these pieces are rare) but the pulldown
seems to be one that shows up more often along with the incline chest.. when i say more often i mean a few times a
year.  ive never seen a dip or decline for sale.
body masters cxp incline chest
body masters cxp lat pull
body masters cxp lat pulldown
Body Masters CXP
body masters cxp 762 chest press
body masters cxp 764 incline chest press
body masters cxp 780 shoulder press
body masters cxp 713 seated row
body masters cxp 712 lat pull

Body Masters Power Systems
body masters shrug ps500
body masters power squat ps300
body masters lat pull
body masters shoulder press
CALL or TEXT today if you want Flex Leverage Equipment in your GYM! 336.524.1077 - Matt
Body Masters Circuit Selectorized Gym Equipment (MD, S, CM)
Body Masters MD
This is the circuit that made it ok to use machines other than free weights for body builders.. Body Masters truly did master the art of
putting functional muscle movement into a machine.  Some of the most prized pieces out of the MD body masters line are the
504 is
one of the best chest flys in the industry with the upper and lower handle variations that came standard on each body masters fly.  A
unique version of of leg extension and leg curl exist in this MD line, body masters calls them the
Super Leg Extension MD 109 and the
Super Leg Curl MD 110.