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What should a gym have for a basic leg setup?
piece of gym equipment in the industry and by first time gym clients.  So if
you are going to make your mark as an up and coming new gym (body
builder style gym not crossfit) your going to want a leg press!  
45 degree leg
is the standard and i wouldn't get caught up with the difference in 30
degree vs 45 degree just get you a nice leg press that is sled style.  After
the leg press is acquired you may want to add in a
leg extension and leg
.  Combo units are OK but i would go with 2 separate units because if
you have a combo unit when one person is using it that machine both your
leg extension and leg curl are occupied... If you have 2 separate units you
have 2 pieces for 2 people to use at the same time.  A nice piece and great
bang for the buck is a
calf raise.  It can be a standing calf raise or seated
plate loaded or selectorized all that is up to you but if you daunt have one
you are sure to have members wondering why you daunt!  Another great
bang for the buck is a
squat rack and will also be recognized by any first
time gym client as a staple to be able to train legs effectively.  So to make
this short and sweet we will call the the essential leg pieces you need in your
gym to even call yourself a gym :) but there are always others you can add
to spice it up and be able to say "I have the BEST GYM IN THE AREA TO

There are different kinds of leg presses - 45 degree sled, seated leg press,
vertical leg press, horizontal leg press, iso lateral leg press (the ability for
each leg to move independently), standing leg press or standing squat,
cybex makes a squat press thats in the category of a leverage press.  A
hack squat is a nice addition along with a standing squat known as a power
squat or a super squat.  Different variations and angles of a hamstring curl
exist from a prone (lying), seated, standing, and kneeling.  The seat angle
can change the movement dramatically with body masters calling one of
their models a (super leg extension and a super leg curl) the angle of the
seats are very dramatic making the movement harder (efficient and smooth)
but more taxing on the muscle.  A stiff leg dead lift rack is nice because it
allows the user to get lower during the eccentric phase because the plates
are not hitting the ground hitting the floor due to the user standing on a
The Ultimate Leg Equipment List
nebula leg press
body masters 45 degree leg press
nebula vertical leg press
nebula hack squat
hammer strength iso seated leg press
pendulum leverage press
flex leverage power squat
body masters super leg extension
tk star leg extension
body masters super leg curl
body masters prone leg curl
body masters standing leg curl
flex kneeling leg curl
flex stiff leg deadlift platform
hammer strength double half rack
hammer strength squat cage
Barbell Sales Personal Gym - KAIJAX GYM in Gibsonville, NC
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Cleaning out a TRUE hard core old school gym
My business Barbell Sales has always been located in Gibsonville, NC since 2008 and
around 2009 I got a phone call from a local badass gym that was closing down... Hard
Bodies located in downtown Gibsonville.  I already knew the equipment was old and
basically what i thought was too old to resale but me and my partner at the time Tim
went to have a look.  I remeber walking in thinking jesus they opened in 1955 and
NEVER vacuumed or changed any of the equipment out.  The building was going to be
sold and the owner wanted everything gone!  So i did what i always do, i looked him in
the eyes and without blinking i said, "ill pay 2,000 cash for it all right now"  he took me up
on the offer and we started loading dumbbells.  Old milo barbell prostyle dumbbells that
were all lose and they would pinch your skin - no db racks, check the pics to the right..
they were made out of wood.  The one thing we did sleep on though, and i still get phone
calls about this because google traps website pages even if you delete them.. The
legpress that this gym had was the well known AFS LEGPRESS that we sold for $500!  
what, i know right!  needless to say ive had 5 since and the last one we sold for $3800.  
Also there was an AFS LAT PULLDOWN and an AFS LOW ROW along with some other
odd pieces.  The deal turned out to be a decent one after 3 days of hard work we had the
gym cleaned out - no cardio just a good old hard core get staff infection meat locker!  Im
glad i found these photos because it truly lets me know what a rat hole gym looks like...
this isnt a bad thing lots of mucsle was built in this 2500 sqft building.. and remember...
having a clean floor isnt going to build you muscle!!!
Photos of the Original HardBodies Gym in Gibsonville, NC
I dont remember what this was but
knowing what i know now it looks
awesome and id get a lot of money
for it if i had it in my warehouse now!
Notice the wooden db racks behind
this AFS situp bench
Very Nice 1970s possibly york
flat bench press
AFS latpulldown and AFS low row sitting in their
original location, take not of the attachment wall to
the left of the lat pulldown
The first AFS leg press that Barbell Sales bought and sold!
11.25.19   Vintage York in The Warehouse
Short Video on York Deep Dish Plates
started writing on 12.1.19   THE BEST LEG PRESS EVER MADE
In this post we will try to identify the best leg press EVER MADE!  im not going to be
subjective because the fact is some of these leg presses are impossible to find and
hyping one up because i want to sell it to you would do no good because if you call me
to buy it 98% of the time im not going to have it or its going to be 6 or 7 thousand
dallars and you were looking for a yardsale homeless person price of $800.  So my
point is this isnt a post to try to sell a leg press... this is a post to identify the best
MOTHER TRUCKING leg press ever made!  This post will take time to build but it was
started on 12.1.19.. luckily our friends at
KaiJaxGym can help us they have 12 different
leg presses in their gym, but we might have to get out and go hunting to see a few more
and get our take on how they rank.  stay tuned!