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Nautilus 1st Generation shoulder neck video
History and FAQs of Nautilus Gym Equipment
Jones patented the Nautilus machine and introduced it to the public in 1970 – first to a weight lifting convention in Los Angeles,
California. He would hold demos on how the machine worked.  Photo (below)
of the original nautilus machine that was pictured in the Magazine IRONMAN NOV. 1970.  This is the machine Arthur hauled out to
California.  In 1975 Dr. Michael
O'shea opened his facility, Sport Training Institue in New York City, and offered only Nautilus Equipment.  It was the advent of Nuatilus
machines that made resistance training appealing to the general public,  fueling the fitness boom of the 70s and  80s and resulting in
Nautilus gyms in  strip malls across America.  They could  use the nautilus name for branding as  long as they ran their business in
an ethical manner and only offered nautilus equipment with the exception of utility benches etc. There were no franchise
fees to use the nautilus logo all you had to do was buy the 12 piece circuit, this did get the nautilus name
out across the country but it also posed a problem for Arthur to protect the rites of his brand.  Jones sold Nautilus in 1986 and
MedX where his aim was to perfect the testing of human strength, endurance, and range of movement.
Nautilus Equipment Generations Explained
Although officially there is no specific distinction between the various generations of earlier Nautilus machines, the use of hard-angled
welds is a telltale sign of the period from 1970 until 1982. The Series III Line was introduced in 1982, and it featured bent tubing in
many of the machine models.
nautilus 1st generation neck
shoulder shrug
Body Masters Circuit Selectorized Gym Equipment (MD, S, CM)
Body Masters MD
This is the circuit that made it ok to use machines other than free weights for body builders.. Body Masters truly did master the art of
putting functional muscle movement into a machine.  Some of the most prized pieces out of the MD body masters line are the
Overhead Tricep MD 422 which is very hard to find and it is sought after by any serious gym owner.  The Pec Contractor/Rear Delt MD
is one of the best chest flys in the industry with the upper and lower handle variations that came standard on each body masters
fly.  A unique version of of leg extension and leg curl exist in this MD line, body masters calls them the
Super Leg Extension MD 109
and the
Super Leg Curl MD 110.
Arthur Allen Jones
founder and creator
died Aug 2007
Photo by Inge Jones compliments of AJ and Ron Koeberer
information source:
Barbell Sales Private Collection
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